23rd ISU World Congress, Český Krumlov, Czechia
23rd ISU World Congress

Český Krumlov, Czechia
September 13—19, 2022

Please note: the congress was postponed to 2022!

Due to the current travel restrictions, health risk and unpredictable development, the congress organisers and the ISU Board of Directors decided to cancel the event in 2021. New dates are September 13—19, 2022. We hope that this would allow everyone to safely attend.

Come to experience an inspiring gathering of stereoscopy enthusiasts and professionals from all over the world!

The congress takes place in one of the most romantic towns in Central Europe and offers a range of activities, events and opportunities to share the knowledge and enjoyment of stereoscopic imaging.

Invitation Video

3840 × 2160 px 3D-TV - squeezed side-by-side in 4K resolution
1920 x 1080 px 3D-TV - squeezed side-by-side in FullHD resolution
3840 × 1080 px undistorted - 2 × FullHD side-by-side
Watch on YouTube - under construction

Please feel free to project the invitation at your local club meetings and other stereoscopic events.


A selection of images is in a gallery at stereopix.net - this platform allows viewing in various stereoscopic formats.

Download the congress logo in high resolution